Mellow sweet cream flavor

Use: Baking cookies, cakes, pancakes, bread pudding, and enriched breads


Slightly piquant notes amongst mild cream flavor

Use: Sauteing vegetables, making pasta sauce or caramel sauce, scrambling eggs, and spreading on toast

Sweet Cream

Mildly sweet if unsalted, slightly sharper if salted

Use: (Unsalted) Making muffins, crepes, brownies, frostings, and cornbread. (Salted) Smearing on biscuits or corn on the cob


Tangy, acidic, and fuller lactic flavor

Use: Making galettes, coffeecakes, soups, risottos, or smeared on a slice of bread

Clarified / Ghee

Grassy, roasted, and nutty notes

Use: Sauteing fish or vegetables, making a hollandaise, or dipping cooked seafood


Tangy, smooth, and slightly sweet

Use: Accommodating organic diets while providing the same use as unsalted butter


Real butter-like flavor with a slightly oily aftertaste

Use: Accommodating vegan or dairy-free diets while providing the same use as unsalted butter


Bright, rich, creamy, and cultured

Use: Roasting vegetables or fish, making pasta sauce, biscuits, pie crusts, and shortbread cookies


Rich, tangy, slightly sour but overall creamy flavor

Use: Baking croissants, brioche, puff pastry, biscuits, profiteroles, pie dough, and eclairs

Spreadable / Margarine

Creamy with an oily aftertaste

Use: Spreading on toast, pancakes, waffles, vegetables, or dolloping on mashed potatoes


Mild, light, slightly oily

Use: Spreading on bread, waffles, and pancakes


Mildly tangy and pungent with an overall bright and smooth flavor

Use: Smearing on artisan bread, dressing vegetables, and baking butter-based cookies


Strong, piquant, and cheesy flavor

Use: Spreading on crackers or toast, cooking tagine or couscous, or blending into coffee


Mild, milky, and slightly acidic

Use: Baking whoopie pies, soft pretzels, shoofly pie, faschnauts, apple dumplings, and other traditional Amish recipes


Imparts the taste of the herbs, spices, and/or sweeteners mixed in

Use: Finishing cooked fish, meat, and vegetables, or making a quick pan sauce


Caramel and nutty notes

Use: Making cookies, brownies, granola, pancakes, waffles, or savory sauces.


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