My Journey

Smoothing your way into a healthy living starts with the right mindset and discipline!

– Sergio Marchetti, creator of FoodXology

For the past three years, I’ve dedicated my time to fitness, nutrition, and wellness. More than a hobby, it has become my way of life.

I have always been amazed on the perfection of the human body. That is why, I decided to start an experiment, whose subject was me. While seeking a change in my physique, I convinced myself this was the journey to undertake.

In a short period, I accomplished losing 25 lbs. combining daily physical activities and changing poor eating habits. But with great achievements, new challenges arouse. Mine came from the wrong mindset of eliminating essential fuel nutrients, which led me to lose an additional 25 lbs.

As a result, I began my research on the most-known “diets” in our society with the goal to increase muscle mass and maximize body energy. After numerous trial and error attempts, frustrating moments, and zero-to-no results, I came to understand that my body is the key to the kingdom. My mindset transitioned to one based on the combination of self-control and choosing ingredients that will benefit my overall health.

The lengthy process in understanding the proper way to fuel my body, is what gave birth to .  

It brings me great joy to share my experience with the purpose of offering you the tools to smooth your way into a healthy living.

Learn which ingredients will help you in the journey

Part of the journey is staying active. Let’s get active together!

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