Hello! My name is Sergio Marchetti and my goal is to help you ease your way into a healthier you.

Smoothing your way into a healthy living starts with the right mindset and discipline!

Starting a new challenge requires great effort, yet with the right mindset and discipline, anything is achievable.

My journey to a healthier me began with the loss of twenty-five (25) pounds, accomplished by the combination of physical activity and correcting my not-so-great eating habits. A great achievement, no? Yes! Nevertheless my new “better” eating habits lacked an abundance of essential nutrients to fuel my body, which led to the loss of an additional twenty-five (25) pounds.

As a result, I began my research into the correlation of fitness and nutrition. As a newbie in the subject, I attempted all the most-known “diets”. After numerous trial and error attempts, frustrating moments, and zero-to-no results, I came to understand that my body is the brain of the journey. This is when my mindset transitioned to one based on choosing ingredients that will only benefit my overall health.

The lengthy process in understanding the proper way to fuel my body, is what gave birth to Foodxology – the process of choosing ingredients and preparing meals to maximize the body’s energy and achieve overall health.

Food fuels the body and mind, nourishes the soul, and gives us energy to keep going. Choosing what we put in our body is key to each one of these.

It brings me great joy to share my experience with the purpose of offering you the tools to smooth your way into a healthy living.

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